Simple Socket File Transfer

Simple Socket File Transfer 1.0

Un programa gratis para Windows‚ por Whitsoftdev

Simple Socket File Transfer es una aplicación y gratis solo disponible para Windows desarrollada por Whitsoftdev. Ver descripción completa

Simple Socket File Transfer es una aplicación y gratis solo disponible para Windows desarrollada por Whitsoftdev.

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Desde que añadimos la aplicación a nuestra colección de programas y apps en 2012, ya tiene 6,568 descargas, y durante la última semana consiguió 0 descargas.Simple Socket File Transfer funciona en usuarios con sistema operativo Windows 95 y versiones posteriores, y solo está disponible en Inglés. La versión del programa es 1.0 y se actualizó en 18/06/2012.Respecto a Simple Socket File Transfer, es un programade tamaño considerable que no requiere tanto espacio que la media de los programas de su categoría.

This utility will transfer a file between two computers using a TCP port of your choosing. One computer uses Passive mode and listens on a port for a connection from the other computer, which will use Active mode to connect to the first computer via its IP address. Regardless of the selection of which computer will use Passive mode and which will use Active mode, files can be sent in either direction. Partially completed transfers can be resumed, and files are automatically checked with MD5 to ensure they were received error-free. This utility is available in both ANSI and Unicode builds, and has no dependencies on any libraries beyond those included with Windows. The Unicode build supports Windows XP visual styles and Unicode file names.


  • Only one computer needs to be able to accept incoming TCP/IP connections; the other just needs outbound connectivity
  • Files can be transferred in either direction, regardless of the direction of TCP connection
  • Capable of operating over network address translators (NATs) using port forwarding
  • Partially transferred files can be resumed if the partial file matches the file being sent
  • Files are automatically hashed during transfer using an MD5 algorithm
  • Hashes on the sending and receiving sides are compared to ensure the file was transferred without errors
  • Supports very large files (up to about 4 petabytes; note that you must be using NTFS to have files larger than 2 GB)

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Simple Socket File Transfer


Simple Socket File Transfer 1.0